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and decimal mark:
space and dot1 234 567.89
space and comma1 234 567,89
comma and dot1,234,567.89
dot and comma1.234.567,89
nothing and dot1234567.89
nothing and comma1234567,89


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*SI (International System of Units):

A modern, coherent system of measurement units, built around seven base units. The SI is officially adopted by almost every country in the world.

*Metric system:

A system of measurement units based on a limited number of fundamental units, introduced by France in 1799. The metric system is the predecessor of the International System of Units (SI).


A system of mass, originated in the Middle Ages. Avoirdupois is based on the pound and the ounce. It is the common mass system in the United States and it is also still being used in the United Kingdom, Canada and some former British colonies.


A mediaval system of mass, still being used for weighing gold, silver and gemstones.